is working on new projects every day.
We don't have time to make a case for each of them so we decided to show all our works below.

33 NDA A service for construction market Startup Design and Development
32 NDA A website for consulting company Tech Design and Development
31 NDA App development for electric vehicles Startup Design and Development
30 idrinq Development of a promotional site of an energy drink Promo Development
29 Playmafia Development of a site for organizing games in the Mafia Online Agency Design and Development
28 Koshta Agency website development Agency Design and Development
27 Stereotactic Agency website development Agency Development
26 Урок цифры Development of interactive lessons for children of Russian schools Service Design and Development
25 Selvaggia Alazraki Pillow online shop development Ecommerce Development
24 The Pink Closet Development of an online store for an Italian boutique Ecommerce Development
23 Eda go Development of food delivery service in Samara Startup Design and Development
22 Мозговик Development of a federal aggregator of business courses Startup Design and Development
21 NDA Development of a promotional site for the company producing electric cars Promo Development
20 NDA Development of promo site for foreign bank Promo Development
19 NDA Development of a promotional site for a federal company selling home appliances Promo Development
18 NDA Developing a website for a global investment forum Finance Development
17 Jungle SMM Development of a site for SMM Agency based in Voronezh, Russia Agency Design and Development
16 Tinkoff Bank Development of a corporate portal for the HR department of the Bank HR Design and Development
15 Onelineplayer Development of video player website interface Service Development
14 NDA Development of the site of a private museum of Russia Art Development
13 6nomands Development of MVP service for hiring talents Startup Development
12 NDA Development of a loan site for the Asian market Startup Development
11 NDA Development of a client site for a Russian bank Finance Development
10 NDA Front-end development of a German bank client site Finance Development
9 NDA Development of a site for a children's clinic in Moscow Medicine Development
8 NDA Corporate blog development for a consulting company Blog Development
7 NDA Development of a site for an international youth forum Promo Development
6 Saitishe Development of site for MTS promo action Promo Development
5 Nanabe Design, design and development of urban space information site News Design and Development
4 Дед мороз в отрыве Creating a New Year's game Game Design and Development
3 TVZ Creation of a soap service Service Design and Development
2 Pahsa Creation of a site for a music band Promo Design and Development
1 Parburg Creating a site for a burger shop in Samara Food Design and Development

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