IQ Mechanic

Monitoring and management service for construction projects.


We were approached by the head of a construction company with the task of developing system of organization and construction work management "IQ Mechanic".

The past contractors had developed the platform but they never finished this work till the end. The contract was terminated and the result was not delivered. Therefore, the customer began looking for the developers who could create a platform from the scratch or finish the existing system.


During the development process we communicated closely with the client - we held video conferences, briefings at all stages of the work. The result was delivered thanks to the close communication with our client.

We began the development with changes of the front-end and back-end elements of the system. We rewrote important modules which had required reprocessing, also we implemented the new design system, made the "Lease" functional and the system of automated equipment selection.

So, an excavator request that would solve a customer's problem is like a taxi request at Uber - everything is fast and transparent. E.g, the client made the request - and now he could follow the progress of construction works and movement of equipment, monitor the time of the equipment working.

Sensors embedded in the equipment will allow the client and the owner of the equipment to monitor the amount of fuel, vehicle movement and stops.

Information about the status of the sensors is displayed in the interface of the vehicle owner or manager. We also added a document exchange function and a calendar.

When we finished the "Lease" function, we proceeded to "Geofence" and "Track" and worked on the service as a whole. With "Geofence" function a customer can mark the perimeter of the construction site on the map and manage the construction work in the specified area. And with "Track" - to track the delivery of construction materials on the map.

To speed up the development process and not to waste a lot of time at the initial stage we worked according to SCRUM methodology. This allowed us to structure our work in a way to achieve flexibility and speed up the processes.

The result

Now "IQ Mechanic" is not just a service for renting equipment, but a space for organizing and monitoring construction processes and the interaction between all the participants.


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Web application

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Research and Development, Design, Vue.js and Ruby on Rails Development


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