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How we developed a mobile app for home shopping

The Cosmohoz network manager has asked us to develop a mobile application for the new project - Cosmohoz. This is a network of shops in the drogeri format in Samara. Shops sell goods for the house and cleaning, as well as cosmetics.

With the help of the application, the client wanted to arrange the delivery of goods to the points of delivery, so that customers could order goods through the application.

How we did it

We conducted an interview with the client’s project team, and formulated the task: to make a mobile application for orders with delivery to the point of issue and the loyalty system. After solving the problem, we started designing the application interface, and we developed User Flow.

User Flow is a sequence of actions that a user performs to achieve a goal on a site or in an application, in the form of a visual map.

Ilya Pukhov
Product manager

User Flow showed you how to buy, order and deliver, and the rest of the mechanics of the app. The structure of each section was discussed with the client’s team - they called and chose how the individual mechanics will work.

We worked on weekly sprints, dopilizing mechanics after discussion with the client’s team. The final decision came after 5 weeks. By that time, we understood how your account would work, how notifications would come, how the shopping cart would be assembled, and how the app would work.

After approval, User Flow created a design concept for the application. The concept was presented using four screens.

For illustration, we created a live prototype that showed how the application looks while working, how it feels in the process

During the finalisation phase, the application was configured to fit not only Cosmohoz, but also the Cosmohoz network. The structure of the application came universal - change the logo, color buttons, font and individual elements, and before you another application.

Completing the design phase, we created layouts for the login screen, purchase form, storis, and other application sections. Before we started development, we split the design into versions. In the first version we took only part of the approved layouts.

To start MVP defined the functionality, which will be entered first. The MVP included a store tab with a shopping history and loyalty card, a search tab, and a catalog of products with cards and basket. In the initial version of the application you can write off points and order delivery at the right time.

A service with sufficient qualities to attract the first users. The creation of the MVP allows you to collect feedback and understand which direction to go further.

Alexander Gorshkov
Chief technology officer


The work on the application took 5 months. We worked for 4 weeks on the design of the interface, 3 weeks on the design. It took another three months to develop and two weeks to test.

ROKY’s approach differs from the others in that we speak the same language to the customer. We take the client’s side and dive into his business to understand goals and objectives, and build partnerships. We’re trying to do more than we agreed, and we’re ready to go.

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