May 14, 2022



Monitoring and management of construction projects and logistics


We were approached by the head of the construction company with the task to develop a system of organization and management of construction works "System of special machinery".

The previous contractors developed the platform but never finished the work. The contract was terminated and the result was not obtained. Therefore, the client started looking for developers who could create the platform anew or complete the existing system.


During the development process we had close communication with the client - videoconferences, briefings at all stages of work. Everything on the site is realized due to close interaction with the client.

Started development with front-end and back-end site elements changes. We rewrote important modules that required processing, and introduced a new design system, brought to a working result the functionality of "Rent" and the system of automated selection of equipment to order.

So, the order of an excavator that would solve the client’s problem, resembles the call of a taxi in the service of Yandex - everything is just as fast and transparent. For example, the client made an order - and now he will be able to monitor the progress of construction work and movement of equipment, to monitor the time spent by the equipment.

Sensors built into the equipment will allow the customer and the owner of the equipment to monitor the amount of fuel, the movement of the car, stops.

Sensor status information is displayed in the car owner or manager interface. We have also added a document exchange feature and a calendar.

When we finished the functionality of "Rent", we started to "Geozone" and "Track", worked on the service as a whole. Using the "Geozone" function, the client can mark the perimeter of the construction site on the map and manage construction works in the specified area. And with the help of "Track" - to track the supply of building materials on the map.

In order to speed up the development process and not spend a lot of time at the initial stage, we worked according to the SCRUM methodology. This allowed the work to be structured in such a way as to achieve flexibility and speed up the work process.


Now "IQ Mechanic" is not just a service for renting equipment, but a space for organization and monitoring of construction processes, interaction between all their participants.

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